In order to experience sound and sustained growth, businesses have to rely on tools and techniques that help to make projections and formulate decisions.

Business Plan

A standard business plan template (for new or an existing enterprise) which will give you and your investors a holistic view of your business.


Financial Model Template (Simple business forecasting complete with DCF Valuation)

An easy to use template for developing financial projections. Develop your own market model, revenue and cost assumptions and use them for creating a dynamic financial forecast complete with NPV, IRR, Payback, Profitability ratios and charts. The model is fully customizable and can work for a wide range of business ventures. 


Financial Model Template (Q&A based prototyping for DCF Valuation)

The template allows to rapidly prototype financial forecasts complete with DCF based valuation, NPV, IRR, profitability ratios and charts. All you need to do is answer 15 simple questions and the excel workbook generates cash-flow based income statement and capital budgeting indicators.