Using our proprietary acceleration curriculum and partner network we are focused towards taking small businesses to the next level. Our KPIs from the program are tangible and includes product development, market and investor linkages.

Unnoty is an accelerator program working with high potential agro based SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) which mainly takes three problems into account that the agro based entrepreneurs face-

  1. Lack of Formal Business Knowledge
  2. Absence of Forward Market Opportunities
  3. Access to Finance

As an accelerator program, this aims to accelerate growth of the agro based SMBs by solving these three main problems through three major components.

  1. Capacity Building
  2. Forward Market Linkage
  3. Linkage with Financing Agents

Through the capacity building activities, the program enables the agro-entrepreneurs to have a comprehensive idea about developing strong and sustainable business models. This helps them become suitable for the forward market. Concurrently, the program also connects the agro based entrepreneurs to the large institutional buyers which helps them expand into new markets. Alongside capacity development and market opportunities, the accelerator also bridges the gap between the agro based SMBs and financing institutions with a view to facilitate business financing in agribusiness sector. 

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Unnoty’s approach to develop a model with impact follows a systematic pathway. 

Selecting and Analyzing Markets

In order to get a holistic view of the sector, we conduct a thorough market research in the first step. The key insights help us formulate the go to market strategy. 

Setting Performance Goals

In this stage, we provide the SMBs with technical assistance, consultancy and capacity building. Our curriculum includes BMC (Business Model Canvas), through which we help them develop a business model and devise them an operational strategy. Simultaneously, we identify the performance determinants and develop a performance criteria. 

Adopting Growth Tactics

With a view to facilitate business growth, we provide the SMBs with forward market opportunities and connect them with financing agents. Through the capacity development, we also prepare them by providing knowledge support on financing dynamics. This multi directional approach fosters inclusive supply chain development.

Achieving Milestones

The participating and small and medium businesses grow in terms of capital and market expansion which results in greater profitability. This helps to create lasting impact in the relevant market different stages of the value chain.

Developing a Sustainable Model

Development without sustainability is like a droplet without ripple. In order to create and implement a sustainable model, we bring in the expertise of the on-field experts. We conduct validations for improving new product lines, compliance and governance with a view to develop a sustainable model.