We understand just capital in itself will not help entrepreneurs optimize growth. Hence, we combine business and market development support with technology integration and growth capital. The money plus plus leverages our strong industry-academia ties and are committed towards taking businesses to the next level.

We aim to transform MSEs into growth oriented ventures by providing Capacity Development, Agro Technology, Forward Market Opportunities and Growth Capital. We understand the time capital needs to come into effect and as a result, we focus on patient risk capital rather than putting focus on short term working capital. The capital financed involves quasi equity and equity instruments.

The transformation of Agro-MSEs into growth oriented ventures requires addressing two major challenges and they are-

Access to Business Development Service

Our business development service includes capacity building of the MSEs, involving both business management and investor readiness along with agro-tech knowledge. Alongside the formal business education, we provide them with opportunities to connect with the forward market. This bridges the gap between the Agro-MSEs and the large institutional buyers in the national and international market. 

Access to Formal Financial Products

The agro-MSEs only have access to traditional financing products like microfinance or short period high cost bank loans. These traditional methods requires collateral strength and a large number of small businesses struggle to meet that requirement. We introduce smart capital to them in the form of quasi-equity and equity investment. This patient approach to business financing gives the businesses time to build up business strength and expand to bigger markets and as a result, facilitates sustainable development.