Spinning mill churning Golden Fiber

November 20, 2018

Al Hajj Shamsul Haque is a seasoned jute trader from Kanaipur Bazaar, Faridpur. In his region, he is a pioneer of raw jute trading in the local jute mills and has been in this industry for a long time. Although the business picked up in the 90s, it started stagnating in the early 21st century. […]

Momita Enterprise

November 19, 2018

The couple duo Mr. Md Delowar Hossain and Mrs. Momita Hossain have turned the tables in the flower cultivation sector by their venture “MOMITA FLOWER PRODUCTS”. From being a small flower producer they have now turned into a large firm where they have not only increased their production and sales by 50% but also created […]

Shahidul Farmers’ Hub

November 12, 2018

In suite of the nationwide success farmers gained following the Farmers’ Hub model, Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam also adapted it and received immediate benefits by planting seedlings and selling them at an 80% profit margin. Like all Farmers’ Hub’s he also developed his shed infrastructure, increased the number of hand held machinery and gradually increased […]

Environmental Resource Advancement Services (ERAS)

November 12, 2018

Environmental Resource Advancement Services (ERAS) had a mission of setting up a business entity in compost (organic fertilizer) market segment. The product is considered as a resource recovery option from urban waste. They have a long term vision to establish a business entity on environmental products through waste to resource recovery as well as waste […]

SDC’s Rice Transportation

November 11, 2018

Ashraful Hassan is the Executive Director for Society Development Committee (SDC), a well-known Non-Governmental Organization which works in Faridpur and many other areas in the southern region and has a vast geographic outreach. He has represented his organization in the accelerator program and pitched in his valuable experience in different times to motivate the other […]

First Season of SMARTCAP Accelerator Program Completed

November 1, 2018

Venture Investment Partners Bangladesh (VIPB), Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) and LightCastle Impact (LCI) in association with Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh (BFPB) have successfully completed the program with a Demo Day on 23 October, 2018 at BRAC Learning Center, Rangpur. The Demo Day followed an eventful Inauguration of the month-long SMARTCAP […]

Inauguration of SMARTCAP Accelerator Program

September 27, 2018

Following suit of the much success accomplished in the SMARTCAP Investment Boot Camp, held on the 1st of August 2018; Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh (BFP-B), in association with Venture Investment Partners Bangladesh (VIPB), Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture Bangladesh (SFSA Bangladesh) and LightCastle Partners, moved forward in organizing the next phase of […]

Truvalu.enterprises Investment Accelerator Program for Ag-MSEs

September 16, 2018

LightCastle Impact, in partnership with Truvalu.enterprises conducted a 45-day Accelerator Program for Ag-MSEs in Bangladesh from August 2 to September 15, 2018. Truvalu is an impact-investment company based out of Netherlands that works with growing Ag-MSEs in key 10+ emerging markets, including Latin America, Africa and some parts of Asia; aiming to create fair and […]

Smart Capital Investment Boot Camp

August 2, 2018

With the drive to help Agro-Based MSEs, LightCastle Partners, in association with BFP-B (Business Finance for the Poor), Syngenta Foundation and VIPB (Venture Investment Partners Bangladesh Limited) held Roadshows and a Bootcamp Program in Rangpur and its neighboring villages, which saw a resounding response from the farmers. The first phase of the event was a […]