We nurture innovative early-stage enterprises that have high growth potential to become competitive businesses.


Our model starts with conducting roadshows in selected locations like assembled marketplaces to attract SMEs and entrepreneurs to apply to the accelerator program. Generally to start one batch, a batch of 10, we conduct 5 to 6 roadshows to attract quality intake. Roadshows are multimedia based, interactive and often includes local celebrity endorsement.

Additionally, we also reach out via peri-urban/rural trade associations, our NGO/INGO network, FIs who have strong SME financing presence. Additionally, we also reach out via business chambers, other accelerator programs, small business development foundations, relevant investor circle like venture capital associations and angel investment networks.


Shortlisting from the roadshows, we are going to select SMEs for a 1 day intensive Bootcamp. From the Bootcamp we will again shortlist SMEs for the accelerator program. Bootcamp includes an experiential workshop with capacity building and psychometric tests to understand the best fit for the program as well as group exercises and in-depth interviews.


Mentorship is provided via an accelerator program with adaptive and market driven immersive experience. The program include broad stages like Selecting and Analyzing Markets, Setting Performance Goals, Adopting Growth Tactics, Achieving Milestones and Developing Sustainable Model. As an outcome, the businesses have Business Model and Plan including market opportunity, Investor Readiness Document, Impact and Implementation Strategy Document, Branding/ Marketing Guidelines and Materials.

Access to Finance

At the end of the mentoring program a graduation ceremony is held in front of investing partners to shortlist candidates and identify high potential ones for future growth capital.We help in facilitating investor relation documents for the SMEs and entrepreneurs which can be leveraged for future financing. We act both as a mediator and facilitator by providing the linkage between investment & financing firms having Alternative Investment schemes and Impact Investments Funds.


We link the businesses to prominent experts/entrepreneurs from whom they can receive mentorship to scale up. Experience sessions are arranged for access to forward market and capacity development with relevant industry players. Forward market linkages are facilitated by providing networking opportunities with business conglomerates. Additionally, we also form peer network groups which the businesses can leverage to create synergy.