Diversification: From pulses to golden fiber

November 20, 2018

Hasib Matubbar's Pulse Processing Mill

Hasib Matubbar is a young entrepreneur from Kanaipur Bazaar, Faridpur. He is involved in raw jute trading in the local jute mills. In one of the sessions by Unnoty; an accelerator program of LC Impact. He came to know about product diversification and decided to work for diversifying his portfolio.

Group: Jute Trader Group 1

Original Product: Raw Jute

Area of Diversification: Pulse

Amount of Investment: 1.5 Crore BDT

Source of Finance: Bank, Self

With financial help from the bank, he took a brave attempt to invest a monumental amount of 1.5 crore taka to set up a pulse mill. Currently, he is actively working on strengthening his new business and running the old business simultaneously. In recent updates, he has bought covered vans as well in order to get involved in the transport business and expand the other businesses by leveraging the new business.

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